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Drosophila researchers all over the world accelerate their pace once they choose the reliable services from BestGene Inc. We are on the cutting edge of the transgenic fly solutions. Our service quality has been continuously improved by our customers' feedback. Scientists all around the world are talking about high success rate, cost benefits and easy use of our service.

BestGene Inc is serving thousands of Drosophila researchers worldwide. Below are quotes from some customers.


"I just wanted to write to you and thank you for your help throughout the development of this injection order. We are really pleased with the services provided by BestGene, Inc. and agents such as yourself, and we will definitively continue to use your services for future injection orders." - Emir Aviles Pagan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"We are very happy with your services and especially the communication and all the detailed updates on the progress on your website. Very impressive!" - Hana Hall, Purdue University

"This was our first time using your injection services and we will be back! Thank you for the super prompt injections and the ability to track the progress. I appreciate this professional service and am looking forward to using our new transgenic lines." - Sarah Certel, University of Montana

"..thanks for excellent service and help, once again. You can count on me as a satisfied customer!" - Leonard Rabinow, Université Paris Sud

"I'll be sending more constructs soon, this makes it too easy" - Douglas Allan, Harvard University (Currently University of British Columbia)

"I like the way we can track our orders on your website." - Laura Andrejka, Stanford University

"I have been following the information about my orders on your online system regularly - thank you very much for having this service - it is great to know what is going on." "I wanted to write to let you know that I have been testing the fly lines you made for me recently and they both work very well - thank you very much!" - Stephen Moyer, UC Berkeley

"Thank you very much for your excellent and professional service. You can certainly add me to the list of your satisfied customers." - Helmut Kramer, UT Southwestern Medical Center

"We received the vials with adult flies in good shape. Thanks very much for your cooperation." - Takashi Adachi-Yamada, Kobe University

"Great job! I am very pleased to see that you obtained red eyed flies for all constructs I had sent." - Christiane Alexander, Max-Delbruck-Center

"Flies are safely in the lab. I checked for their health and phenotypes. Everything is OK (I had no doubts about it)! Thank you very much for your job and I hope to forward you a paper." - Gianluca Ragone, DIP - Genetics & Biologia Molecolare

"One of the things I realy like about BestGene is the quick, courteous, useful and direct answers. Thanks." - Jan Veenstra, CNRS

"We are really grateful how hard theBestgene has been working on our constructs and my advisor knows all that effort. We've been recommending Bestgene to our colleagues." - Liang Liang, Stanford University

"We just received the vials of our troublesome transgenic flies. We are excited to test them to make sure what we are observing with the one line is the same in these new lines. Thank you for the multiple rounds of injections in order to obtain the transgenic lines. Thanks again, ej" - E.J. Brace, Washington University School of Medicine


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